Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Consumer Reports: What's in your protein shake?

I am so glad to have found a company that has a no-compromise promise to produce superior quality products. Not so for other companies.... check out the unexpected "extras" found in many other protein shakes. LINK to article in Consumer Reports.  (Note, the IsaLean shakes are different than the typical protein shake because they are a balanced meal of 40/30/30 Carbs/Protein/Fats.)

How the heck did those Skrek glasses sold at McDonald's with the cadmium get past testing??  I guess they didn't test or trusted the glass manufacturer - never trust another company with something that important - do the testing yourself!!   That's what Isagenix does - they have total control over the manufacturing process. Click here for a link that explains the testing that Isagenix does.

I have to say that when I worked with Hasbro they were insane about testing everything (this was a few years before the scandals over the toys made in China). Now I know why they were unbending in their rules for testing - they have never had a toy recalled. 

I know lots of companies claim to have the best products so it's natural that people will be skeptical. But there are a LOT of facts to back up the superiority of Isagenix products.   Ask me, and I can show you, why IsaLean shakes are the most absorbable by the body and why our whey protein is FAR superior to anything else out there!

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