Monday, May 25, 2015

Soylent Protein Powder - a favorite in Silicon Valley

Protein drinks are gaining popularity in Silicon Valley because they're fast, nutritious and affordable. Link to full article in NYT.

Many liquid protein drinks are more nutritious than so called "real foods." I've done lots of research over the years on protein and cleansing, not just with the Isagenix products. So I was interested to see the ingredients of Soylent. Link to Soylent ingredients.

They use rice protein which is generally recognized to be inferior to whey protein. Of course, not all whey proteins are the same. Isagenix uses a superior undenatured whey from New Zealand. Learn more about Isagenix whey protein powder. It can be purchased in the form of a flavored shake (great tasting) or as pure protein powder. There are lots of athletes who use the products as well as people like me who want to loose weight and know that the shakes can pack a lot of nutrition for a moderate number of calories.

Isagenix athlete success stories.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A new year...

2015 is here and it is time to reflect on why I make bad eating choices despite knowing exactly what I need to do to be healthy. Besides the lure and addiction of sugar, there are emotional factors at play. It's not about vanity at this point in life, it's about treating my body well so it lasts a long time.

I previously surrounded myself with like-minded people who I saw several times per week, including going to the gym. Going back to work full time changed that.

To do:
1. Join my "IsaIsland" friends on Facebook for encouragement and do the cleanse with them starting Jan 5
2. "Mindfulness" seems to be a fad right now but I think it has merit and will be employing it more during my day
3. Do some soul searching

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brad Mathers - Australian Triathlete

Brad Mathers commented on my blog and so I visited his site... WOW, he lives in Australia and he's a member of the Australian Triathlon team!

He's uses Isagenix products and has a really impressive website

Another top athlete who understands the power of superior nutrition and obviously saw the results for himself!

Most people look at Isagenix as just another "diet" product but the ingredients are so much more. While the scale goes down we don't see all the other important things happening inside our bodies.  


Friday, July 4, 2014

Abby Hout, fitness model

I am posting these articles for myself and, if it helps someone else, that's great. It helps me reinforce what I need to do. Maybe if I put it out in the universe I will take responsibility for it and own it (or something like that, LOL).
Abby Hout

Abby Hout commented on my blog today and I visited her blog. She is an incredible fitness model and competitor who also has seen the benefits of the nutrition in Isagenix. More than that... her blog is about her life; dating, fitness, aspirations and sillyness. I found the post on "macros" really interesting and her lessons of 2013, check it out.

Lesson #7 hit home for me: It's easy to get nostalgic and reflect on your current position vs where you've been. But don't get caught in a habit of that. It will suck the joy right out of your life and leave you in the bottom of a well you have to climb your way out of.

This is it...

Forget the Calories, Focus on the Quality of Your Diet
Here are the take home lessons from Dr. Ludwig’s paper (from Dr Hyman's article from my last blog post):
  1. Overeating doesn’t make you fat. Your fat cells make you overeat.
  2. You make hungry fats cells by eating sugar and refined carbs.
  3. Restricting your calories will slow your metabolism, make you hungry and guarantee that your weight loss attempts will fail.
  4. Eating a higher fat, higher protein, lower sugar and refined carb diet will speed up your metabolism and cut your hunger.
  5. Controlling what you eat is much easier than controlling how much you eat.
  6. Forget calorie counting. It’s not about the calories but about diet quality and dietary composition. Just try eating 1,000 calories of broccoli.
  7. End our scientifically outdated position that all calories are equal and weight loss is simply a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn.
  8. Lower insulin by a sugar detox, and watch your body lose weight effortlessly without hunger or cravings.
  9. To learn more, watch the movie Fed Up or read The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet (a medically designed program to cut insulin and detox from sugar and refined carbs).
  10. Stop blaming yourself for lack of willpower, and start empowering yourself by eating real, whole, fresh food that’s low in sugar and starch.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

the last word...

I read a lot of articles on nutrition and diets... this article is really the last word. It explains THE KEYS TO AUTOMATIC WEIGHT LOSS.

I succumbed to sugar again and am back where I started. It is discouraging but not unsolvable. I understand the addiction side and it is real. But I don't really know what percent of relapsing is addiction and what percent is self-destructive behavior due to emotional issues.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waffles and pancakes.... gateway drugs

Everyday I see the media catching on to the fact that sugar and flour are the drugs that are making us all fat. Today Dr Mercola had a good article entitled "Why do we overeat?"

This morning my daughter made these homemade sugar cinnamon waffles. They smelled and looked so good, the addictive part of my brain said "what's the harm, I'll have one." But she's seen my struggles and knows about my addiction so told me not to - forbid me - to have one. I was glad to have her support...

You might ask why I would let her make waffles. I have to live in a world where these foods are everywhere so I can't base my success on other people's choices. These uneaten waffles are still sitting on the table and fortunately I have no physical cravings, I just know I would like the taste.

Waffles and pancakes are gateways drugs to full-blown sugar binging for me. Its been two weeks since I've had any sugar (I had one piece of bread so a little flour) and I feel a lot better and have lost 15lbs.  I still have a long way to go but am not going to give up!!