Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oprah Magazine Shakeology, May 2011 Issue

I get Oprah magazine but rarely have time to read it, I save them and hopefully get to read them at some point...

But when I got the May issue of Oprah the other day, something on the cover caught my eye:
6 Superfoods that Will Change the Way you Eat

Of course I had to find out what these where but I was pretty much already sure they are in the Isagenix super foods I already take.

On page 214 it talks about Darin Olien - he traveled around to get all good stuff to eat then made a shake out of it - sounds familiar, doesn't it? That's what our founder, John Anderson, did.
I am so glad to see this article because it will help to educate people about what great health benefits we can get from plants!

Is it sold in stores? No, it appears to be a similar set-up to Isagenix: " can't buy it in stores, but you can purchase it from one of our thousands of authorized Coaches."

Shakeology vs Isagenix: I can't say I know everything about Shakeology but I can say Isagenix products have even more ingredients with all 90 nutrients the body needs plus Chinese adaptogens and way too much to write here.  The Shakeology site doesn't say where their whey protein comes from, ours is from New Zealand where the cows are 100% grass fed; no chemicals put on the grass AND the whey is undenatured (very important to preserve the nutritional benefits). I also appreciate all the other stuff I get from Isagenix; the Cleanse for Life, which is aloe vera juice, the Ionix with shilajit... I could go on and on.

Lastly, a Shakeology shake cost $4.00 per serving, an IsaLean shake costs $2.75!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I read this article and felt the same way - that although the article is concerned with the Shakeology creator, it certainly lends some serious credibility to what John Anderson has been doing all along. Cheers!

  2. The isagenix shakes are simply wonderful!

  3. I've had both shakes and I have to say this about the Isagenix and the Shakeology. Isagenix is far more expensive and you only get a 14 day supply in a can vs. 30 day supply of Shakeology. Isagenix charges at least $10 to ship products. Beachbody is free shipping with auto ship on ANY size autoship order. The Isagenix shakes are far more expensive than the Shakeology. To get the same ingredients as the Shakeology shake you would have to purchase the IsaGreens and the Isafruits which cost an additional $30 to $50 per month on top of your shakes. I was a avid Isagenix fan but found that the prices of all of the products are so high that in this economy no one can afford to continue to purchase products every month. PLUS, Beachbody offers the exercise programs which is also key in good health and physical fitness.

  4. Hi Cynthia, thanks for the comment. Regarding the price, I see that each Shakeology meal/shake costs $4.00. As you know from using Isagenix, a canister costs $37 and has 14-15 shakes so the cost for each is $2.65 so it's a lot less. I AM impressed with the ingredients in Shakeology, many of the same that are in IsaLean. I didn't see it mentioned where their whey comes from and if it's undenatured but I assume it's pretty good. I really love the Isagenix Cleanse For Life because if was the missing link to my weight loss. But if you are doing well on Shakeology then congratulations because we all have to find what works best for us!

  5. Hi when I looked up the side by side nutritional value the shakeology by far out weighed the Isagenix. Also the Isagenix had double the calories of the shakeology per serving.I to was looking for a cheaper alternative to the shakeology since i started my new work out program. I would love to save money so i am really torn between which one to choose. Any input would be great thanks.

  6. Hi cowgirl_3207...
    If you want to save money then stay with Isagenix, as mentioned, an IsaLean shake is $2.75 vs. $4.00 for Shakeology.
    I saw that the Shakeology is 140 calories and I don't think that's enough to use as a meal substitute so I'm fine with that.
    As far as the ingredients, I have been involved with Isagenix for 1-1/2 years and am a research hound so I've done my homework - their ingredients and their sourcing is superior.
    That's my opinion, plus, again - there is nothing like the Cleanse for Life :)

  7. Shakeology is a very good product. Isagenix has just taken it a step further. Also, a 150 calorie shake is not a meal replacement. In addition you don't need 300% DV of Vitamin C. Without nitpicking I think OVERALL the costs are similar when all said in done. It's more like $3.50 for Isagenix with for instance the 30Day system if you break it down and $4 for Shakeology. I appreciate Shakeology's message and their workouts are great. My super food of Choice is Isagenix because I know where the ingredients come from, Ionix Supreme, and Cleanse for life. Even if the shakes were a dead heat the Ionix and Worlds ONLY full body nutritional cellular cleanse is what sets the two companies apart. I would choose Shakeology over HerbalLife/Melaluca/Advocare/Shakalee/or Visalus for certain just based on ingredients. IsaLean shake is the most balanced Meal replacement on the market.. It's not selling you on just low calories. It's giving you what's needed. 240 calories. My mother lost 74lbs in 6 months and was allowed to get off of her heart and cholesterol medication and Isagenix did that for her so.. They're no compromise when it comes to quality ingredients so, I'll stick with them over anything.

  8. This was a very helpful post when u look at the shakeology reviews in the fine print they are all written buy distributers or beach body the comp that makes it.....oh & guess what they are all glowing! I love the isagenix shakes but for dieting I worry about the cals and the fat. I make have to try the 140cal shake but fear the taste.

  9. Isagenix is a meal replacement so you need the calories and fat.. and the NEW shakes just lowered the calories and fat. :-)

  10. The fats are all good fats!! The body needs good fat for proper function. Isagenix is 10 years old and the results speak a powerful proof. You need about 1200 calories a day for a good metabolism and consistent weight loss so the body doesn't go into starvation mode and shut down. The body loses fat and inches because the stored fat is holding toxins and when you detox/cleanse...the body releases that fat very efficiently. The Isalean shakes are superior for building lean muscle. ANYBODY that has been on the program will tell you it is remarkable! The best way to maintain and easiest way is to have a shake in the morning and deep cleanse every 4 weeks....not too expensive in my opinion.

  11. "The Isagenix 30-Day System™ is the most popular
    system because it’s easily adaptable to your
    lifestyle allowing you to replace two meals each day
    and enjoy one conventional meal on Shake Days."
    $2.56 twice a day is $5.30 with the two recommended servings
    Shakeology is $4.00/ day with the one recommended serving.
    Math doesn't lie. Taking the recommended serving of each daily and Shakeology is cheaper.
    Same old story. Lower the price and just get people to buy more instead.


    1. Joe you're right, Math doesn't lie. So let's do some math here...

      Isagenix ... 2 meals ... $5.30 a day
      Shakeology ... 1 meal ... $4.00 a day

      I'm sorry but where are you going to eat that second meal with Shakeology for $1.30 to equal what you are spending with Isagenix?

      Isagenix is by FAR cheaper. You have to take into account what you are spending on food not just on the product because Isagenix is going to save you so much more money by what you are NOT spending at the grocery store or restaurant.

  12. To Joe... the two shakes per day are for people who want to lose weight and need to get the best nutrition for the least amount of calories. I know many people on maintainence and athletes who only drink one IsaLean shake per day. It's up to the individual.

  13. I can tell you I have had non biased holistic nutritional experts look at the ingredients, one whom was also a Shaklee distributor, and they have all told me that based on the ingredients, Shakeology has the superior superfoods. By far. Is also nice to be able to get all that in one product. I happen to take Shakeology and the shakes are 170 calories. The only one that is 140 is the Greenberry, which they just changed so that may even be 170 now as well. I am full for 3 to four hours after drinking it mixed with unsweetened almond milk.

  14. I appreciate you did research on Shakeology before you bought it... it's funny how most people eat lots of processed foods from the store (not to mention fast food) without a thought but then be skeptical of shakes. If people did a little research on the foods they eat everyday they would be surprised. Lots of Doctors, nutritionists and professional athletes have done due diligence before using the products and I have done my own research so I am happy with Isagenix and leave it to others to make their own decision. The more good quality shakes on the market the better in terms of educating people that these can be good substitutes for "real" food.

  15. Do any of the Isagenix products have MSG/Vetsin in them? I'm allergic and don't need the extra problems.

  16. Hi Islandj,
    There is absolutely no MSG is anything. I love that there are so many professional and amateur athletes have chosen these products to fuel their bodies. It helps position this as good food - not "diet" food. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is a link to the allergen table:

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